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L’Auberge de France is the only Belleville restaurant printed in the 2010 issue of Where To Eat in Canada.

L’Auberge de France can be located in the 2010 Edition of the CAA/AAA Ontario TourBook.

Guest Comments:

I am from Vancouver and I love good food. I have eaten at some wonderful restaurants all over the world, and the food here was no exception. I found the food here fantastic! I had a wonderful goat cheese salad (with a lavender dressing and Nasturtium) then I had the bouillabaisse. Very fresh, with a hint of saffron and this bread that you dip into the sauce. I was very close to picking up the dish and licking it!
When you eat there, you feel like your in a small bistro in France. A pleasant and unexpected experience- great accomodating staff; wonderful food and an interesting eclectic combination of offerings... unfortunately not seen enough on this side of the Atlantic

~ Richard D. Harlow & Catherine Johnson Mississauga, On.

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