L'Auberge de France - Bakery & Gourmet Shop

Meet Tanya,

Manager: Bakery & Gourmet Shop

On her days off, Tanya can be found scouring the surrounding area for seasonal ingredients, small farms and local artisan cheeses. Visiting these tiny culinary jewels gives inspiration for the shop at L'Auberge. Through her love for food, Tanya has gained insight and knowledge into the plentiful epicurean products arranged on our shelves.

Gastronomy aside, Tanya loves her job because of the people she meets every day. Tanya’s friendly and approachable personality, can convert even the most inexperienced guests into passionate ’foodies’. She always enjoys answering questions regarding ingredients and encourages guests to embark on new food adventures.

Whether you are looking for an unique gift arrangement or an eclectic selection of cheeses, Tanya’s gracious and helpful approach will make your French food selection more enjoyable.




Bakery & Gourmet Shop

Welcome to the Bakery and Gourmet Shop at L’Auberge de France. Come downtown to enjoy a French inspired lunch, a cozy conversation over a glass of wine, or an afternoon reverie with a cappuccino and fresh pastry. The bakery provides a selection of homemade organic bread, fresh pastries, large tarts, and delicious cakes.

As Belleville’s only artisanal cheese shop, we carry a refined selection of succulent, mouthwatering cheeses, homemade terrines, and flavourful pâtés. For the creative chef at home, we stock many excellent gourmet items, specializing in the finest epicurean products imported from Europe.

The Gourmet Shop is now featuring a Frozen Foods section. Perfect for an elegant dinner party or curling up on the couch with a movie and a glass of wine, we are offering a selection of delicious French feasts. Enjoy Chef Jean-Marc's classic French Onion Soup or a deliciously creamy Lobster Bisque, and invite your guests to sample a superb French Macaron, truly reminiscent of Paris!

Freshly Baked Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, and Brioche

Saturdays at 9:00 am!

Check out our $12 LUNCH SPECIALS

Includes a Quiche or Sandwich with Soup or Salad

Daily Soup, Salads, Variety of Quiche

Sandwiches: Roast Beef and Brie Smoked Chicken Salad  Smoked Italian Sausage  Smoked Salmon Turkey Club  Roast Vegetable with Buffalo Mozzarella  Croque Monsieur  

Cheeses: Maple Dale Cheese • Buffalo Mozzarella  14 Arpents  Belle Mere Crosswind Farms Artisan Chevre Drumloch Comtomme Fleurs des Monts Rassembleu Bleu de Elizabeth

Charcuterie: Jean Marc’s Foie Gras Pâté de Campagne Chicken Terrine Duck Terrine Rabbit Terrine Seed to Sausage Cured Meats  Homemade Bacon Dry-Cured Sausage Duck Proscuitto Duck Rillette

BakeryBaguettes Red Fife BreadNine Grain Bread Walnut Bread Pain D'Antan Croissants Chocolate Croissants Brioche Choux au Chocolat Cakes Seasonal Fruit Tarts

Freezer Meat Pies  Lobster Bisque • French Onion Soup • Clam Chowder • Cakes • Seasonal Fruit Tarts



What would you like to see in the shop?
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